This was a small plate of four stamps: two 6 shahi and two 1 rupee ( = 12 shahi) , the rupee values at the top. No complete sheets are known. I am very grateful to Jaromir Petrik for the reconstruction show below. The pair of rupee values is only of only six known.

Many used stamps of this issue have a distinctive obliteration – in every sense of the word – said to consist of a mixture of mud and rifle oil. This designation may be apocryphal but whatever the make-up of the “ink”, the result is usually pretty awful. Unfortunately, it meant that contemporary collectors threw away most used specimens as being unworthy of putting in an album. Consequently used copies are scarcer than unused, but because of their appearance not as valuable. Fortunately, this cancellation is only found on this issue. A couple of examples are shown below - the 6 shahi on the left and the rupee on the right . . . but you might have to just take my word for that!

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