Specimen stamps.

The only issues known overprinted thus are the 1929 definitives,  the 1931 Newspaper stamp, and the 1932 National Council,  Liberation Monument and Definitive sets.

1929 Definitive Specimens
These appear to be the first, and possibly the only, stamps to be given a “specimen” overprint for distribution to the UPU. The overprint takes the form of a small (approx. 2.5mm high) letter S, handstamped in purple. According to Patterson, the 10 poul is the most commonly encountered. The use of the word “commonly” is relative. All values are scarce.



1932 National Council Specimens

The 1932 issues were also overprinted “batil shod” in Farsi (meaning "cancelled" or "invalidated") for specimen purposes, but this is thought to have been for internal purposes. All are scarce.


1931-32 Monument and Newspaper stamp specimens


1932 Monument Definitives Specimens


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