Once upon a time there was a blog on this site . . . but then a wrong key was pressed and it vanished, never to be seen again. In its place The Afghan Bulletin has been created. Its purpose is the same as the late but not much lamented blog i.e., to:
    record new discoveries and information
   make amendments/additions to the Afghanistan Specialised Catalogues pending new editions
  give additional background information which couldn't be included in the Afghanistan Specialised Catalogues for reasons of space
   give information on topics which are related to Afghanistan philately, but not directly (and so not covered in said Catalogues)

This time - to prevent mishap - each Bulletin will be in pdf format and can be read, printed out or downloaded at will. If the wrong key is pressed again it can be re-uploaded. Each Bulletin will be in the region of 6-8 pages to keep download sizes manageable and will open in a new window.

The Afghan Bulletin No. 1


The Afghan Bulletin No. 2

The Afghan Bulletin No. 3

The Afghan Bulletin No. 4

The Afghan Bulletin No. 5

The Afghan Bulletin No. 6

The Afghan Bulletin No. 7
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Robert Jack, 2021
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