The first postal staionery card
The first postal stationery card was introduced in 1909. It had an imprinted 1 Shahi stamp and was printed in red brown on cream paper. In 1913, the colour was changed to brownish red on cream. 1 Shahi red brown on cream, used from Peshawar, 1331 Hamal 17 (= 27th December 1912).


The reverse of an unused card, which featured a spray of roses.

Pictorial cards were introduced in 1913
There are now eight known designs. All are very scarce.

Royal Military Band.

Issued 1913.  Used from Peshawar in March 1917. These were sold at a price of 1 Sanar, double the price of a normal postal stationery card. In addition, they were not valid for postage unless a 2 paisa stamp was added.


Rosa Mosque, Mazar-i-Sharif



Issued 1913.  This example is used from Kabul on 11 Shawal 1335, to Peshawar 23 Shawal 1335 (= 17th August 1917). The inscription at the top left of the card reads “Postcard is to be sent without an envelope–price of the postcard stamp shall be 2 Paisa”. The inscription at top right reads “Pictorial postcard, in price one Sanar, is not acceptable by the Post Office without a stamp”. In the centre it reads: Postal Card of the Supreme Divinely-appointed Government of Afghanistan.

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