Official Envelope, Gold Seal, unused.
Official Envelope, circa 1910. Coat of Arms printed in gold with an inscription reading: “Seal of the Powerful Government and Divinely Appointed Dynasty of Afghanistan”. Envelopes with the arms in gold were supposedly for the use of the Amir . . but see the used example in the next picture. Use of these envelopes was restricted to important letters and confidential material. “Normal” official correspondence used regular government envelopes with the official adhesive stamp, introduced in 1909, affixed. The envelope is made of stout cream laid paper and has linen backing.

Official Envelope, Gold Seal, used.
1910 type Official envelope, used in March 1941. These envelopes with the gold crest were supposedly for use by the King, but this one has been sent by the “Ministere des PTT” to Germany. It does however contain a letter indicating that it is replying to a letter addressed to the King. Endorsed on front “via U.R.S.S.” i.e., the northern route via Russia.

Official Envelope, Blue Seal, used.

 The cover also bears the 1909 Official stamp. Scan by kind permission of Ron Brandhorst.
Official Envelope, blue seal, used

Official Envelope, RedSeal, used.
A red official seal on the reverse flap of an envelope. Franked in addition on the front with Indian postage. Scan by kind permission of Ron Brandhorst.

Official Envelope, Blue Seal, used.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs cover. Franked in addition on reverse with regular postage stamps as it was being sent abroad. Scan by kind permission of Ron Brandhorst.

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