1923. Overprint to commemorate the fifth anniversary of independence. Two types of genuine overprint are known, one with a date and one without. Other types are known, but as they have not been found genuinely used they are believed to be forgeries.

The three main types:

                       A: No date                                    B: With date                                 C: Probable forgery

Type A (without date)
Note that the dots in the outer border seem to merge together and become a black line at the 7 to 8 o'clock position

Type B (with date at foot).

The second example has the handstamp inverted.

Type C - Probably a forgery5thIndepC

This type was thought by Dietrich not to be genuine.

It can be easily identified by the two vertical
white strokes at the left of the overprint (above the heart-shaped
character for "5"). In the two genuine types, these lines are roughly parallel. In this type the innermost line is at an angle and much below
the other line.

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