To buy an item please email me to check availability, giving the bold reference number of the item(s) you are interested in. I will reply with postage costs and payment details. Prices are in GB Pounds and payment must be made by Paypal (or by cheque for those in the UK). Postage is at cost. Registered post must be used for certain countries (including China, India, Pakistan, Russia and Italy).
Wants Lists for 20th century Afghan Stamps welcome!

Images are not to scale. If you would like a better image, please email me for a scan.
References are to Stanley Gibbons (SG) and/or Jack Afghanistan 1870-1900 or Afghanistan 1901-33 for postage stamps and Jack Afghanistan Revenues for revenue stamps. Wants lists welcome for 20th Century postage stamps.

Postage Stamps
Post 5  1939 21st Independence Day. with plate flaw top left corner, u/m 10


Post 6  1907 2 Abasi imperf pair. SG 157/Jack 175. Price 5

Post 7  1907 2 Abasi imperf, in complete pane of 6. SOLD

Post 8  1907 1 Rupee green, imperf pair SG158/Jack 178. Price SOLD

Post 10  1921 Parcel Post 10 poul tete-beche pair. SG P182/Jack 218. Price 10


Post 11
1921 Parcel Post, 10 poul tete-beche pair,       

SG P182/Jack 218 m/m 10             SOLD                          



Post 15 1916 1 rupee  bright bistre, strip of 8, mint. SG 172, Jack 193. Price 20

Post 16 1918/19 1 rupee yellow olive, pair mint. Perfs a bit ragged, as shown. SG 172a, Jack 196. Price 5

Post 17 1916/19. 1 rupee, the two shades, mint. SG 172/172a, Jack 193/196. Price SOLD

Post 20 1920 1st Anniversary of Independence. Large size 10 poul, small margins, deep colour, slight thinning top left corner, used, 15


Post 22
1909 Official, complete sheet of 20. Jack 211/211c. Gum as bad as usual!  25 (includes the plate flaw on position 14) SOLD


Post 23  1950 Faculty of Medicine set + 1a25 in black, u/m 12


Post 24 
1929 60 poul black, perf 11, block of 6 u/m. Fragile with perf separation: SOLD


Post 28 
1932, definitives, basic set of 12, m/m SOLD


Post 29 
1932 National Council set, m/m 8


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